The SwiftKey keyboard, now with the 7.0 version available, gets the most important update after it moved to Microsoft’s camp.

Swiftkey has been losing ground in favor of the competition, Google Gboard being the app that has increased in popularity. Trying to end this decline, Microsoft decided to step on the gas managing to make important improvements to the SwiftKey app in a very short time.

Currently only available for Android, the new SwiftKey 7 app centers additional options into a dedicated Toolbar. The activation of the Toolbar brings an extended menu from which we can download stickers to insert in messaging apps, and the most interesting ones can be saved in your personal collection.

A Calendar feature has also been added which allows you to save the date for different events and you can also use them in messaging apps. The Clipboard feature allows you to copy text from messages and you can keep multiple phrases for later use.

The new SwiftKey 7.0 app also packs support for animated GIFs, which are easy to insert in your conversations.

The SwiftKey 7.0 keyboard can be personalized by choosing from a collection of more than 100 interface themes and you can also choose new layouts for your keys. For full flexibility, the application also allows you to manually adjust the key’s sizes in order to compensate for the size of the screen.



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