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The suspect in the Nipsey Hussle killing has been identified by the Los Angeles Police Department.

A wake for Nipsey Hussle took place on Monday evening but many people who attended ended up being injured.

The LAPD announced yesterday evening that a 29 years old man named Eric Holder is the suspect in the Nipsey Hussle killing.

The LAPD asked the people to cooperate in order to locate Eric Holder. According to LAPD detectives, Eric Holder shot and killed rapper Nipsey Hussle in front of his store in Los Angeles.

Eric Holder fled the scene in a car driven by a woman who was not identified yet. Other two people were wounded in the shooting and Nipsey Hussle, 33 years old, was declared dead soon after being taken to the hospital. Based on the autopsy, the rapper died because of wounds to his head and body.

On Monday evening the police evacuated the wake of Nipsy Hussle in front of the Marathon Clothing store in Hype Park after a fight caused some panic.

Two people were injured, one of them being hit by a car and the other one suffered a knife wound. Overall, 19 people were taken to the hospital.


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