krypton superman

The DC Comics Universe, which is very exploited in TV shows aired by The CW, benefits from a new playground thanks to Krypton, a production developed for SyFy for David S. Goyer, the writer of Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan. The result needs a bit more polish but this doesn’t make it less attractive for Superman fans who want to take a closer look to the mythology of the most popular superhero from DC Comics, if not the most popular superhero ever.

The story takes place in Kandor, a huge city on Krypton, where society is divided between the rich and those without “rank”, obligated to live their days at the base of the towers. Once one of the most powerful family on Krypton, the El family is ostracized after Val-El ( McElhinney ) warns the guilds that Krypton is under a dangerous threat. Because he refuses to bend the knee before the new religious leader, Val-El is sentenced to a terrible death in front of his grandson, Seg-El, and the family is thrown away to live with those without ranks. 14 years later, Seg-El ( Cameron Cuffe ) wakes up in the middle of a plot that might rehabilitate the house of El, and save the entire Kandor at the same time.

“This is not a story about how I died, but about how I lived” Seg-El says in a voice over in the first minutes of the first episodes. “A story about sacrifice and Glory” he also says. And a story that uses Superman as an engine and motivational entity without giving him a second on the screen: if Seg-El fails, Kal-El / Superman will never be born. To put the story into motion and to motivate Seg-El to face the powerful of Kandor, the script uses Adam Strange, the earthling capable of traveling in time and space: sent by Superman from our present, Strange arrives on Kandor 200 years before Superman is born and attracts Seg-El in his very complicated mission.

krypton superman

What distracts our attention from some of the most cheesy lines is Cameron Cuffe’s charisma, an actor without too much experience but with enough resources to play Seg-El in a very convincing way, who gains his place back into the elite of Kandor, in his secret mission of saving the city. Cameron Cuffe is efficient and express and even lives up to the expectations of a difficult role that combines political intrigue with sentimental adventures and with some action to boot.

For some viewers, Krypton will be just science fiction but for those of you who are more attentive to political aspects, the show might be more relevant than we expect.

After two episodes, Krypton doesn’t become a must see. There is a vague feeling of missed potential and, if we were to believe the reviews made by critics who had access to all six episodes of the first season, the story is not going to catch up in the next episodes. But many DC Comics fans can be convinced that the villain of the show is the famous Brainiac, one of the most powerful and important enemies of Superman.


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