super bowl 2019 atlanta

The Super Bowl, one of the most important events of the year in the United States, will take place on Sunday evening and all eyes are on Atlanta, Georgia, the city where the competition takes place.

All tickets to the Super Bowl 2019 have been sold and authorities estimate that one million people will arrive in the city today. And, as expected, the authorities are taking measures to deal with the incoming flow of people.

No less than 50 security agencies are on high alert, local and federal, working closely together and each one has its own part to play.

For example, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has received the mission of ensuring a no-fly zone on a 45 km radius around the stadium and this also includes drones. A few days ago, the FBI has confiscated six drones.

Six helicopters are on stand by to intercept anyone who might break the no-fly zone. Fighter planes are also on stand-by at an air force base nearby Atlanta.

These six helicopters will also provide footage from the air to all agencies who are working together to keep things safe.

A mobile command center will  broadcast footage to the general headquarters in Atlanta but also in Washington.

Atlanta has been flooded with law enforcement in the last week and there are even mounted patrols and k-nine units. The authorities have even installed roadblocks on some streets in Atlanta.


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