Thousands of dead people are already being stored, frozen in liquid nitrogen, waiting for science – or an Alien civilization – to find solutions to bring them back to life. Cryogenics is a very lucrative businesses nowadays, although there are countless experts who claim that it’s all a scam.

Now, a new start-up company called Nectome, wants to preserve the brain of their clients so that the information can be downloaded later, after the technology has been developed, into a computer, cloud service,  a robot or cyborg.

Nectome was developed into a famous incubator, Y Combinator, and already attracted more than $1 million in funding. Those who want to have their brains saved up for later must reach into their pockets and pay $10,000, and this even if right now nobody knows for sure if memories and information can be kept alive in a dead tissue.

The start-up company uses a high tech embalming process for the brain which keeps the neural connections map intact, but does not guarantee that the members can be 100% extracted in the future. The two founders of Nectome, Michael McCanna and Robert McIntyre, are the winners of the Brain Preservation Prize award.

One of the company’s first clients is billionaire Sam Altman, the President of Y Combinator. There are other 24 people on the waiting list. ” My brain will be uploaded into the cloud, I guess” Sam Altman said.

Nectome claims that by the end of this century downloading data from a preserved brain will be possible.


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