5g networks

On April 5th, South Korea will become the first country of the world that launches a commercial 5 G network once with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

This means that South Korea wins the “race” for the 5G technology against countries such as Japan, China and the United States.

South Korea companies spent billions on marketing campaigns for the 5G technology.

It is very important that we have telecommunications companies that provide services and networks at high standards regarding speed and image quality” Ryu Young-sang, the executive vice president the SK Telecom said.

The 5G technology is considered by many as being the next step in the evolution of smart cities and autonomous cars, providing speeds up to 20 times faster than the 4G networks, a better support for artificial intelligence and low lately virtual reality.

At the moment the number of 5G phones is reduced and only premium smartphones will benefit from the 5G technology. However, as the technology grows we are surely going to see more and more 5G smartphones being built and released on the market.

The United States is the next country, after South Korea, that will inaugurate a 5G network. This will happen on April 11, 2019, in Minneapolis and Chicago.


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