Last year at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 we found out that Sony was getting ready to stop the production of the PlayStation Vita console in Japan, after this has already happened in other countries.

Well, through the Sony website for Japan gamers, Sony announces that the delivery of the PlayStation Vita will be stopped very soon. Sony used the same method in the case of the PlayStation 3 gaming console, who’s production was stopped in May of 2017, and Sony published a similar announcement two months before.

The production of the PlayStation Vita was already stopped in western countries. The last market the PS Vita was still present was Japan, where such portable gaming devices are still somewhat successful. With the disappearance of the PlayStation Vita, it appears taht Sony Interactive Entertainment has no future plans to build a successor and, if we were to believe the words of Sony Vice President Hiroyuki Oda, portable gaming consoles will no longer be part of Sony’s portfolio.

Actually, Sony confirmed that february will be the last month when gamers can download PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games from the PlayStation Store, and starting with march of 2019, PlayStation Plus will only include games for PlayStation 4.


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