Mobile devices are more and more advanced and better built, but very few can cope with serious shocks and even fewer can save your life.

Apple Watch has managed to come to the rescue of many users since the launch of the ECG feature and some smartphones such as the iPhone 7 saved the lives of castaway people because of its water resistance. Well, most recently, a smartphone saved the life of a user because of its quality of construction as it managed to stop an arrow that could have been fatal.

The New York Post reports a case that took place in New South Wales, Australia. A 43 years old man was close to death when an attacker shot an arrow towards him. The man tried to take a photo of the attack with the smartphone and that moment turned out to be critical for his life. The attacker launched the arrow, but the phone managed to stop the incoming arrow and the victim got away with his life and just a scratch on his face.


The smartphone that saved the life of its owner can be seen in the photo above, but it’s not clear exactly what model it is. Judging by the micro-USB it may be an Android smartphone or an entry-level Android. If the man was to be late just a second in lifting the phone, his life could have been in danger, but the phone’s construction turned out to be pretty strong in order to stop the arrow.

According to media sources, the attacker, a 39 years old man, was arrested after this incident. The police says that the two know each other before the attack took place.

Many devices saved the lives of their owners because they were in the right place at the right time. Some of them even managed to stop incoming bullets.


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