Skype is by far the most popular app when it comes to audio and video calls but until not long ago only Windows and macOS computers had official support from Microsoft.

Well this has changed now as a short while ago Microsoft launched the Alpha version of the Skype app for Linux and now the app has reached the “beta” stage which fixes many problems reported by users and ads many of the features available for other platforms.

The Skype for Linux Beta 5.0 version brings the features we got used to seeing in other versions of the app. Firstly, Linux users can now initiate calls to mobile phones and landlines using Skype credit, as well as video calls to Skype for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

The Linux version of the Skype app can also receive video signal on computers running other operating systems. Those who broadcast need to use the 7.33 version of the Skype for Windows app and the 7.46 version of the Skype for macOS app.

Also, the Skype for Linux interface is now more similar to the interface of the Skype app for other platforms. The starting screen displays the number of unread conversations while the contacts list displays users status ( Away, Do Not Disturb, and so on ).

Those of you who want to test the new Skype for Linux app can download the installation package from the Microsoft website right now. It is available .DEB format for Linux distributions based on Debian – such as Mint or Ubuntu – as well as in RPM format.

Have you tried Skype for Linux ?


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