The bug that has affected the Group Facetime feature on iOS devices has generated many lawsuits against Apple, however Microsoft is also dealing with some problems.

The bug affects the Android version of the Skype app and it manifests itself sporadically, transforming the mobile pone into a listening device for whoever calls you.

Officially, this feature has been implemented by Microsoft in order to allow users to use Skype just like a baby monitor device. The phone can be remotely called through Skype and it answers the call automatically.

The problem is that this feature – as useful as it may be for parents – gets activated at random, the phone answering Skype calls without the user’s permission. Some users have encountered this bug when using Skype with wearable devices ( smart watches for example ) and the caller was free to listen.

The only thing that prevents the transformation of the Skype app in a listening tool is the fact that on-going apps are being displayed on the screen of the phone thus allowing the user to intervene.

Microsoft has not provided any official explication but the problem appears to be solved in the latest Skype Beta app so the problems should go away for good in a little while.


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