Sometimes it happens to talk about something on Skype and you want to be able to share the screen of your phone with the person you’re talking to. Maybe you want to show a Facebook post, a website or any other type of information you want to instantly be able to show and until now you were only able to do it by sending a link or by taking a screenshot.

Well, Microsoft comes to the rescue and Skype users will be able to live stream the screen of the phone during voice calls. Microsoft is already testing this new feature for iOS and Android smartphones.

According to Microsoft, the new feature can be used to show PowerPoint presentations to business partners, suggestions from online shopping apps or even suggestions from dating apps. Basically, the screen sharing feature might work as a universal solution for many of the problems Skype users have to deal with every day by replacing verbal explications with easier to understand visuals.

Right now we don’t know for sure when the new feature will be officially released by Microsoft but we do know that Skype for Android and Skype for IOS will be able to share the screen using voice calls.


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