sigil expansion pack for doom game

In december of last year, John Romero, the creative mind behind the first two DOOM video games announced that the 25th anniversary of the franchise will be celebrated by the release of a new expansion pack for the first DOOM called Sigil, which will bring the game’s fifth episode.

Sigil will bring no less than nine single player levels, nine new Deathmatch maps, all of them being designed by John Romero himself. Sigil will need the full version of the DOOM game in order to be played.

Initially, Sigil was scheduled for release in february of this year and Limited Run Games promised very limited physical editions of the expansion pack created by John Romero, and also a soundtrack created by Buckethead ( ex Guns n’Roses ).

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. Logistic problems related to the availability of the physical editions caused Sigil to be delayed, and the expansion pack is now due to arrive in april of 2019. Happily, those of you who do not care much about Buckethead’s music will get access to a digital version of the new Sigil expansion pack for DOOM and you can download it for free in april of this year.


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