One of the gestures we often do on our iPhone is the “swipe up” to force an app to close and many speculate about if the swipe up gesture really helps saving battery or not.

It seems that forcing iPhone apps to close does more harm to the OS than if you leave them to run on the background. iOS is optimized to handle many background processes that do their job without being disturbed.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s Vice President in charge with software development said that forcing apps to close by swiping up does nothing to help save your battery. Moreover, it can do the exact opposite and can make your iPhone slower. Now we must take his own word when he says he doesn’t use the swipe up gesture to stop some processes he doesn’t need.

Also, many independent iOS apps developers say that forcing apps to close is harmful to the lifespan of your iPhone. Next time you should think twice before forcing apps to close on your iPhone if you think you’re doing something good for your phone.


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