Shakira is being accused of plagiarism by an artist from Cuba. The artist filed a lawsuit against Shakira claiming that the “La Bicicleta” song contains parts that were copied from one of his songs.

This is the second big plagiarism case this week. A few days ago, a plagiarism lawsuit was also filed against the U2 band.

The Cuban artist, Livan Rafael Castellanos, filed the lawsuit against Shakira and Carlos Vives at a court in Spain, where Shakira lives. Castellanos claims Shakira and Carlos Vives stole part of a song he wrote 10 years ago entitled “Yo Te Quiero Tanto” as well as the melodic line.

If the plagiarism turns out to be real, it would be a serious problem for Shakira because the singer won two Latin Grammy awards in 2016 for the “La Bicicleta” song.

A representative of the Spanish court said that the case is centered of intellectual property and it focuses on the melody and lyrics of the song.

Do you think Shakira is guilty of plagiarism ?


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