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Actress Cynthia Nixon, who became famous world wide for playing Miranda in “Sex and the City” announced that she’s gonna run for Governor of New York, becoming the opponent of Democrat Andrew Cuomo, the current Governor of the state of New York.

Cynthia Nixon is a known education activist in New York. ” I love New York and today I have announced by intention to run for office” Cynthia Nixon said.

Nixon published a video in which she talks about the need of a reform in education. ” I am proud to have graduated from a public school and I am even prouder that my kids go to public school” she says in the video. ” I have been offered many chances New York kids today do not have. Our leaders are disappointing us. We are now the most unequal state in the country, with huge riches but also with extreme poverty” Cynthia Nixon says.

Cynthia Nixon will face to face Andrew Cuomo who runs for office for the third time after he won in 2014 in front of Zephyr Teachout.

Cynthia Nixon, who will become the first woman and the first representative of the gay community running for office, became a avid activist for public education at the beginning of 2000 when the mayor of the city at that time, Michael Bloomberg, reduced the budgets of learning institutions.

Cynthia Nixon is also an avid supporter of same sex marriage and she advocated this even before the Supreme Court approved the law in 2015. She also attended fund raising campaigns for Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2014. She is also a critic of President Donald Trump.



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