serena williams

Serena Williams talked about the death of her sister in the first episode of a new TV show called “DiversiTea”, in the hope that people will understand the dangers the community faces because of guns.

Serena Williams, 37 years old, talked to Naomi Wadler about guns affects black women: ” I was personally affected by gun violence, my sister passed away, unfortunately, because of this“. Serena Williams’ step sister, Yetunde Price, was shot to death in her car in Compton, California, back in 2003. Yetunde was 31 years old when the shooting happened.

People talk about this now because it’s happening a lot. But it has been affected our community for many years” Serena Williams said. The tennis champion told Naomi that it is very important to talk about difficult problems the community is facing, that people need to be aware that they are real and to look for solutions to fix them. ” I think we have to be comfortable with uncomfortable topics. Things are not gonna become better if we continue to ignore them, we have to talk about them” Serena Williams said.


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