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Microsoft and Rare studio have released a last and final trailer for Sea of Thieves video game before the official release, along with an informative video that provides details about how the story will take place in this new pirate game. Both videos can be seen below.

Sea of  Thieves is a MMO game in which players have the opportunity of becoming pirates. They can organize themselves in crews, they can sail aboard their ships, they can fight against other crews for the supremacy of the oceans and treasures. A special focus will be on teamwork, the game being designed with co-op in mind.

Sea of Thieves will come with full cross-platform functionality between the Xbox One version of the game and the PC version ( Windows 10 ) being included in the Xbox Play Anywhere program, with a simultaneous released scheduled for Xbox One as well as for PC computers equipped with Windows 10.

The Sea of Thieves game will arrive on March 20, 2018 for Xbox One and PC ( Windows 10 ) and will also be included in the Game Pass subscription.

Official Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer

Everything You Need to Know About Sea of Thieves


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