The study was surprised with the success of Logan and is considering making new movies centered around beloved Wolverine character.

Hugh Jackaman departed the Wolverine character in a bog way. The Logan movie was critically acclaimed and was a major box office hit. The movie grossed more than $620 million. Fox studios doesn’t think about giving up on the famous characters and there are many actors who want to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Scott Eastwood is one of the actors who is interested, and he doesn’t miss the chance of speaking about how much he admires the Wolverine character and how much he wants to play him. Scott Eastwood, the 31 years old son of Clint Eastwood, said that Wolverine is his favorite character.

“I like Wolverine so much. He’s my favorite comic character. He is a renegade, but one you don’t want to get too much close to. He’s unpredictable.” Scott Eastwood said.

The President of 20th Century Fox, Stacy Snider, said that replacing Hugh Jackman with a younger actor in a new Wolverine series of movies is very likely. “Logan’s success surprised us in a very positive way” she said.

Creative fans have used the idea of casting Scott Eastwood as Wolverine and decided to see how the actor might look like as his favorite character. Take a look below.


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