Researchers have discovered a treatment that can “reboot” the immune system and can help multiple sclerosis patients keep the disease under control.

Researchers discovered that a treatment for multiple sclerosis can stop the disease from advancing. Half the patients that took part in the experiment has have responded very well.

46% of the patients in the experiment who got the treatment failed to record any signs that that the disease is progressing, according to an article on This treatment might help more than 100,000 people in the United Kingdom live a normal life, people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease that has no cure at the moment.

Multiple sclerosis is caused by the fact that some cells of the immune system are not functioning properly as they attack nerve centers in the brain and spine, and the effects are devastating as it can cause movement problems, speaking, sight and balance problems.

The treatment, which is actually an implant of stem cells, was administered to patients with advanced multiple sclerosis, patients that failed to show signs of improvements in other treatments.

“We know that the treatment reboots the immune system but we didn’t knew how long the benefits will last. With the help of this study we proved that we can “freeze” the disease and we can stop it from progressing” Paulo Muraro, the author of the experiment says.

Researchers also showed that treatments involving advanced chemotherapy come with high risks. Chemotherapy stops the immune system for a short time and it can cause infection.

This is very good news for multiple sclerosis patients. This treatment can improve  the lives or not only 100,000 people in the United Kingdom but also the lives of millions of people from the entire world who are suffering because of this incurable disease.


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