mars planet

A team of scientists discovered evidence that might prove that there was live on Mars in the past.

Scientists from Hungary analyzed meteorites from Mars discovered in the 70’s which contained traces of “organic matter” including “different forms of bacteria”.

The discovery might prove that there was life on Mars in the past, but it may also have bigger implications because this might also suggest that there might be life on other planets as well.

The meteorites were discovered on the Allan hills in Antarctica by a team of researchers from Japan.

Our work is important for people because it integrates planetary sciences, Earth, chemical, environmental and biological sciences” Ildiko Gyollai from the Earth Science institute in Budapest said.

The discovery might show that Mars was similar to Earth in the past, which means that Earth might be have a similar fate in the future.

Underground water is strong proof that Mars and Earth were similar, and had a similar evolution” Heggy researcher from the University of South California said.

Last year NASA found a lake that hides beneath polar ice at the South Pole of Mars. The most recent finding is based on NASA findings, showing that water systems are still active on Mars.


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