samsung exynos 9610

Samsung has announced a new middle entry chipset for smartphones which will bring some features that were only available on top smartphones so far. The new chipset is named Exynos 9610 and it is part of the Exynos 7 series of chipsets. Some of the new features are imagine processing that uses artificial intelligence and slow motion algorithms at 480 frames per second.

The new Exynos 9610 chipset is based on the same 10nm architecture as the 9810 high end model which can be found under the hood of the Galaxy S9 European version. It benefits from four Cortex A73 cores at 2.3 GHz and four Cortex A53 at 1.6 GHz cores, with a configuration that is not far from what we now see in top chipsets. The new chipset also integrates a Mali G72 MP3 GPU as well as a LTE Cat13 600 Mbps download and 150 Mbps upload modem.

Photo cameras are more and more important for smartphones users and the new chipset is trying to meet today’s needs. It can work on dual cameras in configurations of up to 16 + 16 MP megapixels, it benefits from an A.I. system that calculates the the automated settings faster and then processes photos while filming features are at the same levels of top models.

Slow motion videos at Full HD resolution hit 480 frames per second while 4K videos can reach 120 frames per second. At the moment no smartphone on the market can record 4K videos at 120 frames per second.

This chipset will enter production in the middle of 2018 and it is very likely to see it in next generation Galaxy S devices but also on smartphones built by Meizu, this being the only other manufacturer to use Exynos chipsets besides Samsung.


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