Last year, Samsung had 30 different smartphones models on the market world wide, and Apple ( Samsung’s biggest rival ) only had three. Even so, Samsung’s revenue from smartphones sales was just $80,9 billion while Apple cashed almost double, nearly $158,5 billion.

Both Samsung and Apple are now working hard to release top and amazing new smartphones in 2017. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 the South Korean company has to win back the trust of Android users after the whole Galaxy Note 7 scandal.

On the other hand, Apple will celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary with the release of the iPhone 8, which will happen in the fall of this year. It is rumored that the new iPhone 8 smartphone will borrow some design and technology that Samsung has used on the Galaxy S family of smartphones. Precisely, it is rumored that Apple gets inspiration from the curved AMOLED display and wireless charging technology. But then again, this is just a rumor. One of the things I have recently noticed is that between the race of Apple and Samsung, Apple has a better advantage as they use various sales tips and tricks (which you can find on to increase their sale. The factor of them always maintaining the highest mark in technology and providing it to the consumers is always there, but their sales team is also equally commendable.

Statista has created an infochart showcasing how mobile devices revenue of the two biggest mobile companies in the world evolved from 2012 until today.

Personally I think Samsung is doing something very wrong considering that Apple, with just three models, is making so much more money than Samsung, a company that has ten times more mobile devices on the market.


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