According to latest rumors, Samsung might start the production of the first smartphone with a foldable screen in November of this year, and the official launch might happen at the beginning of next year, probably at the MWC 2019 event.

Besides the information revealed by Samsung, we also learned that Samsung had no less than two functional Samsung Galaxy X prototypes which the company showcased to partners at CES 2018.

As to the reason why the Galaxy X was not revealed to the public, this is because of the still unfinished design and some mechanical problems that have to be resolved first, considering that the prototypes might be damaged while they are being handled by people.

Not very different than the old clamshell design, the design of the Galaxy X puts the screen on the both halves of the phone. Out of the two design versions, the first one puts the screen on the inside. The second version puts the screen on the exterior frame, and this allows the case to be folded more without the screen being deformed.

Obviously, both are compromise solutions, in which the phone is going to be bigger in the area where it is folded or with the display exposed to scratches and accidental damage. There is also the problem of the wear the results from folding the phone repeatedly and there are fears that the mechanical integrity of the phone might be affected in time. According to information revealed by people close to Samsung, the company aims to develop a foldable display with an endurance of 200.000 successive folds, enough for the entire life duration of the phone.

From the few information we have so far we learn that the Galaxy X might come with a 7.3 inches foldable display.


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