galaxy s10 display

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are smartphones that were built to prove why Samsung is the leader of the smartphones market. Each component was picked because it provides top performance and the Dynamic AMOLED display of the Galaxy S10 follows the tradition of the last few years as it was designated as the “best OLED display” by DisplayMate.

The display managed to break many records and it is very difficult to believe that another company will manage to break the records set by the display of the Galaxy S10.

For many years now Samsung has been the leader when it comes to displays for smartphones but last year Google Pixel 3 NL has managed to surpass the display of the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has taken this “defeat” seriously and built a display such advanced that it set no less than 13 DisplayMate records.

For the first time Samsung has configured the display from the factory with a natural color profile which, according to DisplayMate is impossible to distinguish the differences between images on the screen and colors that are scientifically considered “perfect”. Also, it is the most illuminated Display on the market with the possibility of reaching 1200 nits on small areas and 804 nits on the entire surface while it manages to cover 113% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and 142% of the sRGB spectrum. These values ensure compatibility with the HDR10+ standard, the screen being able to be adjusted during rendering through metadata to display HDR movies at maximum quality.

Also, the display of the Galaxy S10 is the display that reflects less light ensuring a comfortable use even when the sun light falls directly on the screen. And not least, the 550 ppi density of the Galaxy S10 screen ensures the fact that a resolution increase on a 4K panel, for example, will have no effect on the image quality.

Most likely the Galaxy S10 will remain the smartphone with the most advanced display on the market for the near future, at least until the Galaxy Note 10 will arrive, which might benefit from new improvements.


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