Everybody was expecting the Galaxy S10 to be released at the Mobile World Congress however Samsung has sent press invitations for two events that will take place in London and San Francisco at the same time. Considering that the number 10 is pretty obvious in the presentation image, there are no longer any doubts: The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone has an official release date.


On February 20, 2019, Samsung will host presentation events in two of the most important cities in Europe and hte United States and we expect to see no less than four models of the upcoming Galaxy smartphone. We’re talking about a “Lite” model Samsung might name Galaxy S10 E, a standard S10 model, a S10+ model and also a 5G model, which will come with four photo cameras and a bigger display.

The new Galaxy S10 smartphone will come with the new One UI interface which has already made it on some Galaxy S9 and S9+ models, which is going to make it easier for users to handle big screen Samsung smartphones with one hand. This update is also going to bring the Android 9.0 Pie version which packs all the goodies Google promised in the spring of last year at the Google I/O event.


Ironically, a presentation of the One UI interface has also caused the first design leak of the new Galaxy S10 directly from Samsung. On the Samsung website the company published details about the One UI but Samsung forgot to hide the design of the phone. So, in one of the photos we clearly were able to see the fact that the phone has a photo camera integrated in the display in the upper right corner and the frame of the display is small compared to Galaxy S9.

Samsung quickly fixed this error but users who were quick enough were able to save them. We are sure that unofficial details will continue to roll in. Despite the fact that we now know the Galaxy S10 will be officially released on February 20, 2019, we will continue to see unofficial photos and details about the differences between the four versions of Galaxy S10 in the following weeks.


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