Samsung Galaxy S8 is not coming all alone, but also with some very interesting accessories and now we’re going to focus on the DeX dock.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is truly a top smartphone, but the S8 and the S8 Plus are not coming alone. They are coming with a very useful accessory if you want to have a PC anywhere you have access to a monitor. So, the DeX dock, also known as the Desktop Experience Station, is enough to transform your smartphone into a PC and also coming with the usb-c cable for connecting it to your TV.  There is also another The technology is similar to Continuum and it comes with many benefits for users.

The DeX dock has small dimensions and it comes with a HDMI slot but also with two USB slots. Also, the interface created for the PC module is special, as it manages to recreate the experience of a classic computer. It is optimized for a keyboard and mouse so you can easily use your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone as a PC.

The system is a bit similar to Chrome OS and it gives you the option to resize apps on the monitor, just like you would do on a classic PC. There are also apps that are not optimized, apps that open in a square window, just like Android emulators for computers. The Alt+tab command can be used on a Samsung Galaxy S8 with the DeX dock so you can quickly switch between apps when you have more than one running.

Because you might also need an editor for documents, the phone comes with Microsoft Office so the DeX is helpful if you want to stay productive. The phone also comes with the Samsung Browser and it detects when the phone is hooked up to the DeX dock so websites are displayed in their full version and not the mobile version.

What’s your take on the DeX dock the Galaxy S8 comes with ?


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