Although until now the Galaxy Fold has been delivered to a few tech bloggers and journalists, it appears that the Fold gets damaged quite a lot and the problems that have appeared are raising serious concerns over the design of the case and the durability of the OLED display.

No less than four Galaxy Fold smartphones that have been delivered to people who are going to release reviews got broken after being used for less than two days. In two cases the phone got damaged because of the users but in other two cases the screens simply broke. This is a problem that might affect Samsung’s plans to release the Galaxy Fold smartphones world wide.


After investing millions in research and development, Samsung couldn’t afford to lose any momentum of the foldable phones market, and the unveiled of the Galaxy Fold promised to deliver many results on the long term, however this is not going to happen of the Galaxy Fold is a phone with major flaws that causes the phone to malfunction after just a few days of use.

Considering these aspects, we might say that Samsung was in a hurry to release the Galaxy Fold without having the phone go through a serious testing period.

Some problems, such as warning users not to take down the transparent screen protector is just proof of the bad communication between Samsung’s engineers and the marketing team. However other experiences such as the dent of the screen in the folding area, followed by functioning problems just a few hours later all seem to point to hardware or design problems. If the scenario comes true, it may take a few months until we see the Galaxy Fold in stores as Samsung will need a lot of time to fix the problems and manufacture new units.

Right now the release event of the Galaxy Fold for the Chinese market, which was scheduled for Wednesday, has been delayed. Samsung suspended even the training for its employees while engineers are investigating new solutions for the screen problems. Also, it appears that the Galaxy Fold units scheduled for delivery in the regions where the phone was already released are not going to make it in time.

Considering the $2000 price it would be unthinkable for Samsung to deliver the Galaxy Fold smartphones without fixing the problems even if this means that rival manufacturers will release a foldable phone on the market before Samsung.


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