Samsung has decided to deny or not to comment the rumors regarding the relaunch of the Galaxy Note 7 device on the market, in a reconditioned version, with smaller battery. However now Samsung confirms that the company has plans to brig back the phone on the market, along with plans to  recover many of the materials used to build phones, materials that can be used to develop new models.

It appears that Samsung has taken critics very seriously after pulling the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone from the market. Samsung was planning to destroy all problematic devices however now the plan is a bit difference. Some of the models will come back on the market with smaller batteries that do not present risks and they will be available at lower prices.

Also. some models will be disassembled and the components will be used to build new models or to repair devices that get damaged. Eventually, the parts will be recycled by Samsung.

Right now Samsung is in talks with authorities from many countries as well as with mobile operators to find a solution to sell the new reconditioned Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. At this time we don’t know the release date of the new Galaxy Note 7, we don’t know the price or how you can get your hands on one, but we are sure that after the device will come back on the market the stocks will be very low as Samsung has stopped production soon after the phone was first released on the market.



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