Salma Hayek comes forward about how she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein during “Frida” and how hard it was for her to complete the movie.

Salma Hayek decided to break the silence and came forward for the New York Times about how she was sexually harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein.

Salma Hayek’s story comes two months after a group of celebrities, including actress Ashley Judd, accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, rape and harassment. Right now Harvey Weinstein faces accusations from nearly 70 women.

Salma Hayek says that, initially, she thought that her voice is not important and didn’t thought it would make a difference but now she says that for years Harvey Weinstein was “her monster”.

Salma and Harvey entered into a business relationship when Salma searched for a company to produce “Frida”. Hayek says that while she was working on the movie she faced repeated sexual harassment from Harvey Weinstein, including offers from Harvey to take a shower together, massage and oral sex.

“I don’t think he hates anything more than the word No” Salma says. “From sweet words he moved on to attacks and threats” Salma added.

Later, Harvey Weinstein blackmailed her with the future of the movie. They fought in court in order to get it done but Harvey came with some impossible to achieve conditions, including the rewrite of the script and a contribution of $10 million as well as casting four important actors in minor roles.

“A group of angels came to my rescue, including Edward Norton who rewrote the script without credit, producer Margaret Perenchio and director Julie Taymor” Salma Hayek says.

Once filming started, Hayek said that the sexual harassment stopped but Harvey’s rage grew. “I paid the price for rejecting him every day” Salma says. Salma also says that Harvey Weinstein made it his mission to diminish her skills as an actress and producer, by saying that the only good thing Salma has is her sex appeal.

The highlight of everything was when Weinstein requested a nudity sex scene, threatening that he will shutdown the movie if Salma refuses.

“This time it was clear that he will never let me finish the movie without him getting his fantasy so I had to say yes”. Salma says.

The scene was done and Salma says she had to take medication in order to film it.

“Frida” received six Oscar nominations, including one nomination for best actress in a leading role for Salma Hayek and the movie went ahead to win two Oscar awards.

Salma Hayek says that she found comfort in the movie being recognized. ” I told myself that I went to war and won” Salma says.


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