Human Head Studios returns with a massive update regarding the game we used to know as Rune: Ragnarok. Well, the official title of the game has been modified, and the game will be named Rune II which is another clue that the developers are looking at the game as a sequel of the original Rune game released back in the year 2000. Actually, just like its predecessor, Rune II is build with the help of the Unreal Engine technology ( 4th generation ), and the release of the game will take place in the summer of this year.

Rune II returns to the universe inspired by the North in which Gods, beasts and people face each other trying to survive. Players will be able to create their very own characters, male or female, and they will use these characters in an attempt to stop Ragnarok, the Northern version of the apocalypse. They will be able to give allegiance to one of the Northern gods, thus gaining unique abilities, which are vital in fight against Loki.

The entire Midgard can be explored in an open world environment, in single player or with other players, where you will have to face enemies such as bandits, cannibals, dwarfs, Surt giants or Dragur living dead. To be able to deal with them, players have to forge their own weapons or equipment or to use the magic weapons recovered from the enemies they kill, they have to get legendary artifacts that will give power and open the path towards Loki’s hiding place. Players can even build their very own viking ships.

In the Rune II game, Loki found a way to manipulate the time and his death will reset the gaming world, a new Ragnarok being thus started: each such era will bring new challenges such as the long night, the invasion of the giants, the freezing of the realm and many others.

Right now the Rune II game is in the final phase of the production and will arrive in the summer of 2019 for PC through the Epic Games Store.

Below you can view some screenshots of the upcoming Rune II video game:



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