The new LG G6 will be officially unveiled by the end of this year but until then we can feast our eyes on some new spy photos of the phone, photos that confirm most of the rumors so far.

We can see the new display with an unusual aspect ratio, the two photo cameras on the back as well as the fact that the design is not very similar with the design of previous models.

LG G6 seems to be a new beginning for the high end line of LG smartphones, without other stuff such as modular accessories we got to see last year.

The new LG G6 seems to come with a 18:9 display with rounded corners, which is something new for the G line of smartphones from LG. The display will also benefit from the “always on” feature to constantly show the hour, date, battery level and recent notifications, however we’re not clear about the software improvements. On the back we can seeĀ  the two photo cameras which, according to rumors, will pack 13 MP sensors, unlike the G5 and G6 models which packed a sensor with a bigger resolution and a sensor with a smaller resolution.

The shiny metallic back suggests that the phone might come with a metal cover but the rumors regarding the wireless charging technology might contradict this information. However the back cover might be built using plastic or glass.

Also according to rumors so know that the phone will come with the Snapdragon 821 chipset from Qualcomm, 4 GB of RAM memory, 32 GB storage space, 5.7” display with QHD resolution ( 18:9 aspect ratio ) and 3,200 mAh battery.

Regarding audio, the new LG G6 might come with a digital quad-DAC amplifier similar to that of the LG V20 model.

We can’t say whether these rumors are entirely true however we do know that in just a few days we’re going to see this brand new smartphone from LG and everything will be settled.


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