After the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, Samsung ended up with millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones the company was unable to sell. It seems however that the fate of these devices is not set in stone as the company is considering relaunching the model on emerging markets.

The most recent rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 7 suggests that Samsung might relaunch the smartphone at a lower price, with new batteries, but only in South Korea.

According to a recent SamMobile report, sources close to Samsung claim that SamsungĀ  is working on releasing the new Galaxy Note 7, model number SM-N935. The phone will come with new batteries built at newer standards. Because it would be very hard to Samsung to win back the trust internationally, Samsung is only planning to relaunch the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea probably at a lower price. So, Samsung would recover some of last year’s losses.

During the Galaxy Tab 3 release event at the Mobile World Congress 2017, a Green Peace protester went on stage asking Samsung to recycle the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that were recalled from stores.

Right now Samsung is focusing on releasing the Galaxy S8 smartphone and refuses to discuss the fate of the Galaxy Note 7. It is possible to see Samsung make an official announcement about the Galaxy Note 7 after the release of the Galaxy S8.


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