At the end of January of this year, the news that actress Scarlett Johansson is getting a divorce after less than two years of marriage came as a shock for everybody.

Now, Romain Dauriac makes his first statement regarding the divorce filed by his wife, Scarlett. He says he was shocked with Scarlett Johansson’s decision and he begs her to reach common ground without involving the press or the courts.

Both Romain Dauriac and Scarlett Johansson want sole custody of their daughter. The former journalist makes some serious accusations against Scarlett and he says he was the only one who took care of the girl because Scarlett Johansson is traveling a lot because of her job. He wants Rose to live with him in Paris and, if the divorce gets finalized, Romain says he will allow Scarlett to come and visit for as long as she wants. Romain Dauriac also says that he is sick and tired to live his life based on Scarlett’s schedule.

“It’s very sad, especially for our daughter, that Scarlett has filed for divorce and she chose to make our problems public. I beg her to stop and to continue to negotiate the terms of our separation. We are the parents of a wonderful girl” Dauriac says in a press release.

Hal Mayerson, Dauriac’s lawyer, says that the couple were negotiating separation terms when Scarlett Johansson decided to file for divorce. “We were shocked to learn this. We were negotiating and she took us by surprise. We told Scarlett and he lawyers that we’re going to do everything we can to not end up in court” Mayerson says. He also says that Dauriac doesn’t want to separate the girl and her mother. “Scarlett Johansson has two homes in Paris so she can visit Rose whenever she wants” Mayerson also told People Magazine.

Now you might wonder why Scarlett Johansson decided to get a divorce ? Well, it appears that the famous actress does not believe in monogamy. Also, recent rumors suggest that she might be involved in a relationship with actor Chris Evans.

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