Apple does no longer void your warranty if you replace your iPhone screen at an unauthorized service, as it remains partially valid.

Apple has just announced a major change for the iPhone yesterday, when Apple employees were notified that iPhone smartphones with screens replaced by unauthorized shops are not losing their warranty. Moreover, if a client decides to replace the screen of the iPhone at an unauthorized shop, the warranty of the phone is going to be valid, however the warranty for the display will be voided.

What does this mean ? Well, this means that your warranty remains partially valid for other components besides the display. If you replaced your display at a service not authorized by Apple, the phone will have valid warranty for other components besides the screen.

To continue to benefit from the partial warranty, the components need to be in working order after the display replacement.

This is a major policy change by apple regarding the warranty of the iPhone and, most likely, in the future we’re going to see more and more cheap repairs done at unauthorized GSM shops. Considering that the screen replacement for the iPhone does no longer void warranty, if done properly, very few users will choose original ( OEM ) displays.

Apple has not officially announced this major policy change, but according to iChimp, the Cupertino giant will do so in the near future. At this moment it was confirmed that the new warranty policy will be applied in the United States of America and Canada, but this is most likely a change that will be in effect globally in the near future.

So, the bottom line or the conclusion is that Apple no longer voids the iPhone warranty if you replace the display at an unauthorized GSM shop if the repair does not also damage other components or the physical integrity of the phone. If this happens the warranty will be entirely voided.

Are you rearing your iPhone at authorized or unauthorized GSM shops ?


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