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Rapper Nipsey Hussle has been killing in a shooting in Los Angeles, nearby his clothing store.

The 33 years old rapper has been shot to death and other two people have been wounded in the shooting. The wounded are in stable condition but the life of rapper Nipsey Hussle was beyond saving. Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lebron and John Legend are mourning the loss of Nipsey.

Nipsey Hussle, who received a Grammy nomination, has been shot multiple times and he was declared dead at the hospital. A eye witness saw a man fleeing the scene in a car.

Not long before the shooting, Nipsey Hussle posted his last message on Twitter.

The police is searching for the attacker, described as an African American male.

Nipsey Hussle grew up in south Los Angeles and often talked about the fact that he was part of a gang when he was in this teens. Allegedly he also had dealing with the Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips in Los Angeles, a bang formed out of African American males involved in robbery, drug trafficking, murder, grand theft auto and vandalism.

Many celebrities were shocked with the killing of Nipsey Hussle and took to Twitter to express their condolences:


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