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Rapper DMX has been sentenced to serve a year in jail after he pleaded guilty to tax fraud. DMX was charged with not paying $1,7 million in tax.

DMX was sentenced to serve one year in jail by Manhattan judge Jed Rakoff. DMX pleaded guilty in November of last year.

Judge Rakoff said that DMX is a “good man” and he has taken that into account in the sentencing however the judge also said that DMX shouldn’t get away without paying for what he did.

DMX said he regrets not paying his taxes. His lawyer made an audio statement in court, playing the song “Slippin” to describe DMX’s difficult financial times.

The prosecution proved that DMX has not paid his taxes between 2000 and 2005, transferring funds to accounts owned by his managers and associates, hiding millions of dollars.

Prior to tax fraud, DMX was arrested for possession of drugs and weapons. DMX also served time in Arizona for other crimes.

DMX, 47 years old, has 15 children with different women. For tax fraud he was arrested in 2017. He has been incarcerated since January after Judge Rakoff revoked his bail after the rapper failed to pass a drug test and traveled to St. Louis without permission from the court.



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