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R Kelly is not doing so well these days. The singer faces accusations that he sexually abused a 14 years old girl. This accusations come from an ex girlfriend, Kitty Jones, in the documentary aired by BBC 3 called “R Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes”.

During the two years she spent together with R Kelly, Kitty Jones, 34 years old, said that her trust was violated and she was forced to have sex with R Kelly and others at least 10 times.

R Kelly and his representatives have not made any comments about this situation so far but in the past he denied accusations of sexual abuse and violence against women.

This is not the only sex scandal R Kelly’s name has been mentioned. Back in 2008, R Kelly was found not guilty for child porn after he was accused of videotaping and photographing sexual encounters with a 14 years old girl.

R Kelly settled out of court with many women. One of these settlements happened back in 1996 when R Kelly settled out of court with Tiffany Hawkins who said she had a relationship with R Kelly for three years, since she was 15 years old.

r kelly pedophile alert

In the documentary aired by BBC, Kitty Jones says about R Kelly that he was very physically, mentally and verbally abusive. ” I think he had a satisfaction of some kind knowing that he has control of other people” Jones said.

“I was introduced to one of the girls about who he told me he ‘coached’ her since she was 14 years old, these were his exact works. I saw she was dressed like me, she was talking me. Then I realized that he prepared me to become one of his ‘pets’. That’s what he calls girls, his pets” Kitty Jones said.

Jones said that R Kelly obligated the women she just introduced to crawl on the floor and give oral sex. ” She is my pet, I trained her. She will teach you how to behave with me” R Kelly allegedly said, according to Jones.

About one year ago R Kelly has been accused of keeping many women on his property, women he subjects to sexual abuse. Their lives appears to be controlled in detail by R Kelly and he even tells them when they need to sleep, how to dress, what to eat. After the accusations appeared in the media, R Kelly has denied them all through the voice of his lawyer.

Six young women, all with the ages of more than 18, allegedly live on R Kelly’s property. They got close to R Kelly in an attempt to launch their music careers.

Three former employees of R Kelly said that six women live in R Kelly’s properties. If they break the “rules” they are physically punished by R Kelly. Some of their parents went to the police but when contacted by the authorities the women said they are not there against their will so the police couldn’t do anything.

DeRogatis, another woman who was sexually involved with R Kelly told the media about the humiliating experiences she lived. ” I was slapped, chocked by R Kelly who made me dress as a school girl and call him daddy” she said.

If the accusations turn out to be true, we have to say that despite being one of the most successful R&B singers in the world, R Kelly is also one very seriously disturbed man.


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