The Universe might have been around forever, or at least this is what a new model based on quantum corrections suggests.

The model applies a series of quantum corrections, complementing the relativity theory. The model offers answers regarding dark matter and dark energy, also fixing multiple problems at the same time.

The classic Big Bang theory says that the Universe was born 13,8 billion years ago. The problem is that “physics laws no longer apply in this case” according to Ahmed Farag Ali from the Benha University, quoted by

Physicists say that these quantum corrections are not applied ad-hoc, in an attempt to remove the Big Bang singularity. Their work is based on David Bohm’s ideas from 1950’s.

In cosmology terms, physicists say that these quantum corrections can be viewed as a cosmological constant ( removing the need of dark energy ) but also as a radiation. In these two modes, the Universe remains at a finite dimension, this having an infinite age.

In physics terms, the model describes the Universe as being filled with quantum fluid. Researchers say that this fluid might include gravitons, hypothetical particles without mass that mediate the gravitation force. If they’re real, they play a major role in the quantum gravity theory.

Researchers are motivated by the model’s potential to solve the singularity problem before the Big Bang but also to provide answers regarding dark energy and dark matter. They are planning to analyze the model in detail, and it is going to be remade along with new details.


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