quantic dream games for ps4

After the end of the exclusive partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Quantic Dream studio has decided to also release recent games for PC, via the Epic Games Store.

So, the most recent three games of the studio – Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human – will also be released for PC on the Epic Games Store, later this year.

This situation is somewhat similar to that of the thatgamecompany which also had an exclusive deal with Sony to create games PlayStation exclusive games ( Flow, Flower and Journey ) and after the deal was completed the studio was also able to release the games for PC. And this because intellectual property of all the three games developed by Quantic Dream belong to Sony, which also funded the development process.

The current deal most likely represents a gesture of goodwill from Sony for a studio that is not a subsidiary of the company. It is hard to believe that Sony will give up exclusive rights for PlayStation for games developed by Sony’s studios such as Uncharted 4 from Naughty Dog, or God or War developed by Santa Monica Studio. Maybe, once we switch to the new PlayStation generation, older PS4 games will also become available for PC.

Quantic Dream has announced a new partnership with NetEase, and the Chinese company has purchased a minority stake in the studio. So, NetEase will fund future Quantic Dream projects and they will be cross-platform games.

Moreover, with this major change, besides PlayStation gamers already used to story focused games and decisions that can influence the story, Quantic Dream studio hopes that their future games will become available for a wider range of gamers in the future.



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