california protests police shooting

Approximately two hundred people protested on the street last evening, in Sacramento, and more protests will take place during the weekend after the Stephon Clark autopsy contradicted the police report. The autopsy concludes that the man was unarmed and was shot in the back.

With signs chanting his name, the protesters gathered in front of the Sacramento city hall after which they started to march towards the old center of the town. Many of them wore black masks and chanted: ” Shoot us down, we shut you down”.

More than 80 police officers and California Highway Patrol officers blocked their access to the freeway. Clark’s death, 22 years old, is the most recent death in a series in police shootings and has generated many protests in the United States of America.

Approximately two weeks ago, Clark – father of two – was shot to death in the backyard of his grandparents by police officers responding to a call that someone might is breaking windows. The police department said that the agents who shot 20 rounds feared that the man was carrying a gun. Later it was found that he was actually caring a mobile phone.

The authorities said that Clark was heading towards the police officers in a threatening way so they decided to open fire. The most recent protests come after an independent autopsy shows that the rounds did not hit Clark in the front, which contradicts the statements made by the police.

Clark was shot six times in the back, one round hit his side and one bullet hit his leg, according to the independent autopsy report. The Sacramento police department issued a press release saying that no  official comments will be made until the official autopsy report comes back.

Many peaceful street protests took place in Sacramento after Clark was shot to death by the police. At the funeral, pastor Al Sharpton said: ” We’ll make Donald Trump and the entire world  handle the police misbehavior problem”.

The funeral took place at a church in Sacramento one day after the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said that the incident is a “local problem”.


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