prince harry and meghan markle

Prince Harry launched an unprecedented rant against social media and video games saying they are “irresponsible” and they cause more addiction than drugs and alcohol.

Prince Harry asked parents to protect their children against video games, especially Fortnite and he says the game is “irresponsible”.

Talked with experts in psychological problems at the YMCA in London, Prince Harry claimed that the Fortnite video game should be banned because it creates addiction in children.

Fortnite, a game that requires gamers to search for weapons in order to kill each other has millions of players world wide.

This game should be banned. What’s the benefit of this game at home ? It’s created to cause addiction, to stay as long as possible in front of the computer. It’s so irresponsible. Parents don’t know what to do in these cases, it’s like waiting for something bad to happen” Prince Harry says.

Prince Harry also talked about social networks and he thinks they cause more addiction than drugs and alcohol.

They are more dangerous because there are no restrictions. We live in times when the human mind is affected by everything that’s happening. Children should not have access to smartphones” Prince Harry says.

Prince Harry makes this statement about social networks just a few days after he and his wife opened an Instagram account that received more than 1 million fans in record time. The account was followed by 1 million fans in just 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Meghan Markle closed her personal Instagram account before marrying Prince Harry in May of 2018.


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