prince harry and meghan markle

Prince Harry doesn’t want to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect his 30 million pounds fortune and he insists that his marriage to actress Meghan Markle will be a very long one.

Prince Harry, who will marry former actress Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, wants to prove he completely trusts his bride to be by refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement, just like Prince William did when he married Kate Middleton.

It is believed that inside sources invoked the first marriage of Meghan Markle to movie producer Trevor Engelson, who only lasted two years, but Prince Harry insists that his marriage will not end in a divorce.

A representative of the Kensington Palace said that the Royal Couple doesn’t want to comment on this news.

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Prince Harry, who received 10 million pounds from his mother’s fortune – Princess Diana – when he turned 30 years old, follows the footsteps of his brother, Prince William, who also refused to sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying Kate Middleton.

Princess Diana, who also did not signed a prenuptial agreement before the wedding to Prince Charles, has won the sum of 17 million pounds in court but also a annual stipend of 400.000 pounds per year.


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