We already have electric cars and bikes and now a startup company wants to build electric planes.

Gas is one of the most expensive things an airline pays for. The simplest way to eliminate this cost is to stop using plans that work on gas. As such, Wright Electric built a commercial airplane that is powered by batteries and can fly a distance of up to 298 miles.

Although the distance seems small, short travels represent about 30% of all flights in the world and this is a $26 billion market. This shows that investing in this segment is not a waste of time and money.

Wright Electric says that the company will also build a plane that can carry up to 150 passengers. Moreover, the company will showcase this idea at a prestigious startups convention in the United States in order to get more investors As such, Weight Electric signs a partnership with a British aviation company that will help in designing the plane. Moreover, the company has a major advantage: working with NASA to investigate how feasible electric planes really are.

The plan to design electric planes depends on the progress of the electric technology. Up until batteries will become better and more powerful, manufacturers will most likely be happy with a hybrid system. This means that the gas technology will still be required for long distance flights but electric planes for short distance flights might save some money for the airlines and – best of all – will be more environmentally friendly.


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