Yesterday, during the Mobile World Congress 2017, HDM Global has released the new Nokia 3310 mobile phone and according to the manufacturer, the game comes with a new and improved version of the famous Snake game, a game i’m sure you played if you owned the old Nokia 3310 mobile phone in the past.

It seems that¬†¬† there is a special bond between the Snake game and Nokia. Although the game has been around since the 1970’s, the first company to install the game on a mobile phone was Nokia back in 1997 on the 6610 model.

Well, on the new Nokia 3310, the new Snake game is color, and the snake eats apples in order to grow ( is this a crack at Apple ? If it is, it’s a pretty lame one ).

Basically, the new Nokia 3310 packs a color 2.4 inches display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, alphanumerical keyboard, 2 MP photo camera, and a battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh. The phone will be available for purchase for about 50 EUR and it comes with Facebook, Twitter and Opera Mini web browser.

However, despite the fact that many are nostalgic about the old Nokia 3310, which was one of the best and most popular phones back in the day, we feel the new Nokia 3310 is a bad joke, an insult to the old version. But that’s just our opinion.

But, if you’re curious to take a glimpse of the new Snake game on the newly launched Nokia 3310, please watch the video below.

And, since you’re here, please answer our question: will you buy the new Nokia 3310 ?


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