Helipuerto De Gartagena

Google Maps is an amazing tool when you want to instantly teleport yourself in another part of the world and allows you to explore things you might never get the chance of exploring. There are however some places on Earth Google Maps keeps private.

The use of Google Maps can also allow you to build, for example, potential anti-government conspiracies. Let’s take Area 51 for example. Although it can be seen on Google Maps, there are theories that say that what we see is just an image the Government decided people can see.

Although some of the most hidden locations on the planet are very easy to find through Google Maps, there are some places that are absolutely normal that are not visible.

Such a place is the Helipuerto De Cartagena in Los Dolores, Spain. According to Business Insider UK, there is nothing wrong with this place.

There are however some places that have good reasons to be hidden from the eyes of the public. For example, the Marcoule nuclear site near Bagnols-Sur-Ceze in France, which was built in 1956 for plutonium industrial and military exercises. An explosion took place here in 2011 which killed one person and wounded four.

Another unusual place we can see on Google Maps is located nearby the United States – Mexico border, in Hudspeth, Texas. Here Google decided to make the area look like an impressionist painting.

Nobody was able to provide a concrete reason for this approach, however some theories claim that the image might display a route used by drug runners.

Another weird place is an apparent normal terrace of a house in Utrecht, Netherlands. The precise address is Oorsprongpark 8 at 3581 ET Utrecht. The house doesn’t have anything unusual and can be seen without problems through Google Street View.

The reason why Google decided to hide some places is weird considering that military bases from all over the world are visible now although they were censored a while back.


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