Although there isn’t hard evidence to prove ghosts area real, a physicist decided to show us why ghosts can’t exist in our world.

According to physicist Brian Cox, there is no room in the Standard Model of Physics for a substance or for an environment to be able to keep information after death that can’t be detected by the Large Hadron Collider ( you know that big and impressive machine built by CERN ).
“If there is an environment where ghosts might exist we have to invent an extension for the Standard Physics Model about particles. This is unimaginable if we consider the typical interactions between particles in our body” Brian Cox says.

Although it’s pretty clear that that standard physics model is incomplete and  has flaws researchers have been trying to fix, Brian Cox says that ghosts is not one of these problems or unknowns. Moreover, there are two different ways we can  prove ghosts are not real: based on the second law of thermodynamics or by using the CERN particles accelerator.

The second principle of thermodynamics says that while used energy gets lost chaos is increasing and if no extra energy  is introduced in the system, the progress towards disorder is not reversible. In other words, energy is always lost in favor of heat, whether we’re considering a washing machine, or the way the Universe works. Basically, you can’t get back the energy you wasted.

So, because we can’t touch or interact with ghosts, they can’t be created from matter but from energy. And if the energy wasted no matter what we do it would be impossible for ghosts to be real.

The CERN particle accelerator shows the way energy transmits information that exists in our cells. If we assume that the energy that supports ghosts is not a totally new substance but one that interacts with particles our body are made of, this mysterious force might have been detected by the Large Hadron Collider.

But then again, nobody denies the fact that such a mystery is somewhat appealing but right now there is no evidence to suggest that ghosts are real.

Do you believe in ghosts ?


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