Rumors that Apple will release an iPhone with three cameras have been spreading online for a long time now but so far we didn’t had any proof. As usually, the mystery is solved by someone who works for an Apple partner in Asia, who distributed the proof on social media.

We are talking about a component that is usually used to make the chassis of the case much rigid, which is located between the screen and the back cover. According to the crops of the component, the next iPhone smartphone will also come with at least three optic sensor for the photo camera, LED flash and another sensor, most likely used for laser focus or with augmented reality apps.


Previous rumors mentioned a photo module with 5X optic zoom, complementing the rear camera. Still, we don’t have to get too excited because the triple camera configuration might be implemented in the top model, the equivalent of the iPhone XS Max.

While the iPhone with three cameras sound good, it appears that there is also a downside to this: the camera system will be pretty visible in the back.

Except the rumors that have been floating around and the photos that are constantly leaked online, at this time we don’t have any information from Apple to indicate what the next iPhone brings to the tablet but more details will surely become available as we’re nearing September.


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