woodrow wilson portrait

The world is a weird and bizarre place, we all know that, it’s no longer a surprise. However one thing is still disturbing. People think that it was better in the past, or that people were smarter or more civilized. Well, not really.

People are people regardless of when they lived. So, from time to time, you might need a thing or two to remember that history was alive back in the day.

Let’s take a look at some photos of some of the most bizarre moments and events in history, photos that can show us how far we’ve come.

1926: Robert Wadlow, the tallest man alive in recorded history. He was taller than his father, at age 8 when he measured 1.8 m.

robert wadlow

1865: A man in Egypt selling mummies

A man in Egypt selling mummies

1930: London police officer judging an ankle contest

london police officer

1891: Sylvain Dornon, the man who walked for 58 days from Paris to Moscow wearing only stilts.

Sylvain Dornon

1918: More than 21,000 officers formed the portrait of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson

woodrow wilson portrait

1924: Chess game using real life soldiers in Saint Petersburg, Russia

chess game soldiers

1923: Two men testing a bulletproof vest

bulletproof vest testing

1960: Swimmobile, the pool vehicle on the streets of New York in the summer


1984: Rare photo of North Korea leader Kim Il-sung, in which we can clearly see his tumor. Back in the day all official photos were taken from his left side to hide his health problem.

Kim Il-sung

1920: Kids learning to swim without water

swimming without water

1956: Family waiting in line to drink water from a fountain especially created for colored people.

water fountain for colored people

1973: King Olav of Norway, also known as “King of the people” in public transportation

King Olav of Norway

1839: Dorothy Catherine Draper, the first woman to be photographed

Dorothy Catherine Draper

1987: Caltech students who chanted the Hollywood sign

caltech hollywood sign


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