Considering that Apple keeps almost the same line of design for many years, it is very easy to guess how the new iPhone model is going to look like compared to the iPhone of the previous year.

iPhone X was the last major design change, and future iPhone smartphone appear to come with the same design patter. However it appears that the iPhone XI Max might change the game a bit, as it will come with a new camera and a smaller notch, and iPhone Arena created a few 3D images based on the information available so far in order to show us how the new iPhone XI Max might look like.

The images are created based on the photos that were leaked online but also using unofficial CAD plans, with similar sizes as the ones of the iPhone XS Max. According to the images below, the new iPhone XI Max will come with three photo cameras in the back, above the Apple logo. The cameras appear to be similar to the cameras of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, with the mention that the flash is now circular and inside the flash we can find a third sensor.

According to rumors, the third sensor might be a Time-Of-Flight sensor which will significantly improve AR and VR abilities of the iOS operating system, while new video and photo effects will also be possible.

The notch appears to be a bit smaller but it is still noticeable. Because Apple has invested a lot of money in the True Depth technology, the Cupertino giant can’t back down now. Face ID will remain the main security feature of the new iPhone XI Max but the technology has been shrieked a bit. The front will also house the frontal camera and speaker.

Other than that, the iPhone XI Max seems to have a similar design to other iPhone smartphones currently on the market. We’re getting a steel frame, glass on both sides and the buttons positioned in the places we all know. The photos also present a possible dark theme of the iOS 13 operating system.

It is too early to tell for sure how the new iPhone XI Max is going to look like as the phone will officially arrive on the market in September of this year and many things can change until then, but the images below appear to be very convincing.




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