snow in las vegas los angeles

February storms have brought snow this week, which very rarely happens in the south west of the United States, covering the city of Las Vegas and parts of Los Angeles with a thin layer of snow.

In the state of Nevada, the snow inspired people to build snowmen nearby the famous sign “Welcome to Las Vegas”. Some suburban areas were covered by a lot of snow.

The National Weather Service said that this was the first important snow in Las Vegas in the last ten years.

The snow has affected flights from the McCarran international airport and road traffic on freeways. ” We don’t have snow plows” Christine Crews from the McCarran airport said. She said that approximately 100 flights were canceled because of the snow and ice.

Outside of the city, the authorities closed parts of the main roads from Las Vegas to Los Angeles because of the snow, ice, and low visibility.

In the photo gallery below you can see how the cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles look like when covered in snow.


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